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Beyond the seemingly explainable methods to assume the unexplainable! We’re a Design & Branding Company with a portfolio of work that ranges from websites and online campaigns to advertising and branding.

Eyeconz Media was founded on a belief that trends are fundamental climates that evolves in the industry between a business and the world around them. And whilst engaging a Web Design company can be a pretty daunting task, you know you’re also searching for a relationship that could best bring out the personality of your brand without compromising the integrity of your business.

Our passion for design goes beyond beautiful imagery and into the mind of the consumer, where we believe good design should solve problems and position a brand so it stands out as well as stands for something.

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If the magnitude of your voice says anything about the proficiency of your business, then the design of your website spells everything about your personality.


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Being accessible is fundamental to fulfilling that opportunity for those prospects to want to read more about you. And when you do, these first minutes of engagement become detrimental for when they turn from an interested lead to a paying client. So there’s a science to this. And the personality of your business plays a big part to understanding the chemistry to those initial moments of enquiry. How approachable your website is, determines how friendly the architecture of your business is to fulfilling the hesitations they have in utilising the machine you call your business. After you have determined how the infrastructure of functionality has been anchored, the charisma of your business should exude the charm of your sale.

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Ideas & Insights

How has the nature of content evolved in the greatest generation of mobile computing the world ever had?

In these years of austerity, as advertising money vested in the marketing world continues to shrink, an unprecedented trend of cheaper, more innovative ways of spreading their strategic corporate messages across the board. Now, more than ever, when time and resource has never been more limited, it is adamant, that what remains of our 15 minutes of fame in this WORLD WIDE WEB, should bring out the best in your brand, in charm and in message.

With these tools of broadcast, harnessed with the potential utility of access, brings a potential of visibility that no traditional media can ever achieve. However, it is not to say that all trades require the same benefits of popularity. Thus, the fundamentals of your online strategy have to possess a proportionate response to your campaign objective.


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